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You can quickly launch your app idea without touching your life savings

Our all-woman crew is dedicated to helping early stage startup founders, break into tech without the technical barriers and at 1/5th of the cost of other software development agencies. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more:


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What's stopping you from starting up?

You have a great idea – but money's tight and time is precious

You want to build a startup but it's simply too early for you to hire your own team

You need a working product to make it to the next step and get funding

You could learn how to do it yourself but you're busy being an entrepreneur running all the parts of your business

You've been told you can't do it!

Our awesome features

👇 How You Want To Win is Your Choice👇

You can sit back, and relax – or get down and dirty! Whatever your working or learning style is, we've got you covered with the options below.

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Done For You:
Mobile App Design & No-Code Development

All it takes is a 2-hr session with us and 7 build days for us to deliver the core functions of your functioning app! Includes product design, user testing, and admin training.

One-on-One Training & Coaching

With no-code tools and an expert coach, becoming a technical founder is easier than you think. In just 2-sessions, you will learn how to build your app idea. With this program, you will be well-equipped to independently improve your your app as your business evolves.

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What happens when you work with us?

We are making tech much more accessible for early entrepreneurs by eliminating the financial and technical barriers that prevent you from starting up smarter & sooner. With our services, you can:

Maximize Limited Resources

Buy yourself time to raise money and delay the urgency to hire for technical talent.

Launch, Learn, Earn

Build, launch, and gain customer insights from a live product earlier in the startup process. Make sales sooner.

Get Accelerated

Improve chances of acceptance to accelerators and grant applications.

Meet HearU – a safe and anonymous way to report unfair treatment in the workplace.

Founders, Gabby Zuniga & Maysa Hawwash worked with us through our One Week Apps service. Within a week, they had their functional MVP, a user test the next, developed a 3-piece software suite, sold & deployed to four major clients, all in the span of a quarter. Learn more about them at What if you could go-live with your app today?

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Hi, I'm Sisa Lleses! 🇨🇦 🇵🇭

I’m the Founder & CEO of Design Off The Boat, an all-woman product design crew for all women founders in social impact tech. I'm an entrepreneur just like you. If you don't already know being a woman-in-tech is not easy! If you're running a business, you’ll know that it’s difficult to scale. Being able to take more work means you have to hire more people – and that gets tricky when you haven't raised funds yet. Typically, app development projects like this go on for many months and cost tens of thousands of dollars – just to get started. No-Code Tools changed my business model, and ultimately my life. My mission is to give you the wheel so you can steer your own ship. So as an early founder, you have the potential to become your own CTO with the resources that you have right now.

Our awesome features

• NeedsList - Canada's Top 100 Recovery Projects; Winner: Tech for Good Category North Carolina Tech Awards, deployed world wide • Saroy Group - upskilled and certified 1540 Early Childhood Educators • Our Wave Hub - training 1500 people in No-Code & Marketing by March 2022 • The Hub of Innovation for Inclusion, Manila - started the Taft Love movement that led to the establishment of a social enterprise incubator.


Sisa has introduced thousands of new entrepreneurs to Design Thinking and No-Code by invitation from:
• Incubators & accelerators: YSpace, DMZ, Treefrog Accelerator, Canadian Film Centre's Fifth Wave, ELLA, First Check Africa
• Hackathons: Cooperathon - 2000+ participants
• Conferences: Woman Impact Summit, Philippine Startup Week

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