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Done For You:
Mobile App Design & No-Code Development

All it takes is a 2-hr session with us and 7 build days for us to deliver the core functions of your functioning app! Includes product design, user testing, and admin training.

How does it work?

We are making tech much more accessible for early entrepreneurs by eliminating the financial and technical barriers that prevent you from starting up smarter & sooner. With our services, you can:

Step 1: Design Sprint

This 2-hour collaborative session will set the foundation for the features and experience of your new product. The goal is to understand the problem and co-create the solution: PERSONAS Who is the solution for? CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING What is your customer experiencing and how can it be improved? JOBS TO BE DONE What problems are we trying to solve with each feature? IDEATION & VALIDATION What solutions can we design? How do we know which is best?

Step 2: Blueprint

Once we've extracted the problem, our team will generate a technical scope for your product by defining: USER FLOWS How do all the features interact with each other? TECHNICAL FEATURES What needs to be built and how? PRODUCT ROADMAP What are the phases the product must undergo before becoming our ideal version? WIREFRAMING Blueprints for each screen and how the features interact with each other

Step 3: Build & Test

A dedicated team of project managers, designers, and no-code builders will work with you to collect requirements and rapidly bring your brilliant idea to life! We will invite 5-7 of your target users to use the app and identify any points to be improved on. The test will be facilitated by DotB to validate our assumptions with the user experience. DotB will implement this single round of feedback before going live

Step 4: Hand-over

Initial development will be done on platforms under DotB’s accounts. Ownership of the apps, and access to relevant platforms, assets, and related media will be transferred to the client upon completion of payment. The handover includes 1-hour training call with the client on how to manage the app.

🏁 Ready to get started? 🏁

Whether it sounds too good to be true or you're ready to dive right in, schedule a free info session with us to rest your worries or to get an estimate for your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

To be true to our advocacy, we want to prioritize working with women founders, especially for our Done For You service and giving them priority in the queue for the Pop App Shop. For everybody else, you’re welcome to sign up for our DIY trainings and workshops in the future. Join our waitlist! - If you’re an accelerator, incubator, business organization or are hosting a pop up, this is open to discussion. Email us at

Our menu covers a range of features and components that are present in most apps. Demos will be available for you to try before you make a purchase. If a similar app already exists, we will most likely be able to replicate that with no-code tools. We can create duplicates of apps like Instagram and Airbnb. We can create logistic systems, marketplaces – the list goes on! What we can achieve depends on the complexity you desire and the time to build it.

We can fully brand your app with your logos, colours and your image choices, however formatting may be limited in some cases. In turn, this allows us to afford speed and affordability to get your fully-functioning app up and running in a short period of time. When you’re ready to scale, there will be more options for customization with other platforms. Visit these links to see some examples of apps that were built in an hour. The Sticky Sitch Stuck CAN-PH Pinky Fil-Can Businesess

That's absolutely fine! All you need is an idea and we can help get you started. If you’re a business owner, there are so many benefits for your business to have an app even if you’re not a tech startup.

You're really getting great value out of this. Typically it will take a founder at least $35,000-$50,000 to build an app with some of the features that you need, and that's not including the design work that comes with the package we are offering. You'll find that we work in a different way compared to other agencies. We like to work in short, focused bursts in processes designed for high impact. This way you are only committed to what you need or can afford at the time you're able. We know starting up as an entrepreneur is hard and you shouldn't be locked down in a big contract for months.

Yes, we can either have the same version. of your app across all devices, or have customized features according to device.

Your app does not need to be added to the App Store or Google Play. Our apps are browser based web apps, so all you need is to send your users the url or they can scan a QR code and it will open their app on their default browser and they will be given the option to save it on their home screen like other apps, to make it more accessible.

Yes, as long as it has a database with an API key.

Yes but it will most likely be at the price of a premium topping and above.

Yes / Oui! Given an interpreted script, any area that we have inputted text can be rebuilt with additional languages.

There are several options! Visit this link to view all the available support options or if you want to build new features.

The app idea belongs to you - we claim none of it. Ownership of the data belongs to you. Features that are standard for all apps across the world, like having a like button, belongs to nobody. As part of this job, DotB is creating “work product” for you. To avoid confusion, work product are the results extracted from the design framework and the deliverables and the findings. This means that when the payment is made in full, DotB is giving you all of its rights, titles, and interests in and to the work product (including intellectual property rights), and you will be the sole owner of it. DotB also waives its moral right to the integrity of the work product. You can use the work product however it wants or it can decide not to use the work product at all. You, for example, can modify, destroy, or sell it, as it sees fit.

Owning the app means you have your own account and access to everything. This also means we’re not responsible for any issues that come up after we handover the app. It means you're free to do whatever you want – even if it means having a new service provider continue building the app for you. You'll be able to add new features yourself as well, but we only recommend that if you go through our training. We keep our work well-documented so we will be able to tell the difference between changes that we make that may cause any conflict within the app or changes that were done outside of our team after access has been granted to you or your party.

Once the base app with the first three toppings has been built and fully paid, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim ownership of the account. You will get your app on the same day or maximum next day, depending on the time of day the purchase was made.

Your base app and first three features will be completed the same day (or next if the order was made overnight). Additional features will be delivered, depending on the complexity of the build and whether or not your subscription plan includes priority delivery. You can purchase more features anytime.

When you purchase from us, you will receive a copy of all the above mentioned information, time-stamped copy of this document, and your detailed receipt. If you would prefer a more in-depth “legalese” contract, we are happy to provide that. This may, however, postpone the kickoff of your app development, depending on how long it takes you to review and approve the terms and conditions in the more legalese contract.

Visit this link to find out more:

Working with us means that you are happy to collaborate following the DotB processes. Don’t worry, we will have an onboarding session to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you you feel like this is not a working style that you are comfortable with, we’re afraid it might not be a match! Let us know what you think. 1. One communication channel rules all: We’ve built an all-in-one dashboard for you to see progress, related links and relevant documents, your project timeline, and for you to chat with us. This is to limit having to communicate on different channels so that things don’t get lost through email, text and random phone calls. We don’t want to miss any of your requests, so it’s important to stay on the dashboard, where you can pose questions, make requests and share your thoughts through the chat function. 2. Clear and consistent decision making: Collaborating with your own team or cofounder in making big decisions is hard enough, but trying to merge your team with another, like ours, is even trickier. Having a Decision Maker for your team helps streamline our communication. We encourage your team to discuss and make decisions among your team prior to making a request. Of course, we’re happy to answer your questions to help you decide. 3. Mutual commitment to focused time: Whenever you book a week service with us, that means our time is dedicated to you and only you. We don’t share your time slots with our other clients. In order for you to make the most of your purchase, please make sure that you will be available to respond promptly during the time that you have booked a one-week service or build session. Best not to book when you're about to go on a lovely holiday! In the event that we can’t reach you, we will build as much as we can during the time that we have with the information that we know. If you’re not able to respond to us for any blocker we may come across during that time, it may mean that you might have to purchase more build time, which will not be the best use for either of our times and your money. 4. Staying within scope: Our team focuses solely on building your product, which means that we don’t offer other things than what is agreed upon like marketing, full graphic design services, cyber security recommendations, or data clean up services.

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